Research and Development

In this age and time that the world finds itself in, a right diet is of paramount importance. The food industry, worldwide, is faced with the challenge of devising food products that cater to various dietary needs ranging from infants to the middle aged to the very old.

We at First Choice realize the great importance and relevance of a perfectly focused Research and Development (R&D) Department that strives relentlessly to give consumers the very best in diet choices.

Our post harvest technology gives us rice rich in nutrients and low in glycemic index, a veritable boon for diabetics and the obese. Our process protocol is duly patented.

It is a joy to tell you that after screening several varieties of rice, we have succeeded in identifying a particular variety grown in the most ideal agro-climatic conditions with the right temperature and humidity. A variety of paddy that can yield an exceptional variety of rice, no wonder tgrDIA RICE has gone through year of meticulous research.

We envisage focusing all our attention in developing many other health based products keeping close to our heart with a great sense of social commitment and responsibility that is integral to our existence. It’s the company’s desire to offer a range of value added products that are categorized as having a low GI.





Quality control
Quality control is the sum of all those controllable factors that ultimately influence positively the quality of the finished product e.g. selection of raw materials, processing methods, packaging, methods of storage distribution and the like.

The principles of quality control are considered under the following heads:



Raw material is procured from an area with specific GI (Geographical Indication) and chemical composition that fall in line with our standard specifications. Paddy is stringently checked for its quality in the fields that grow it as well as in the laboratory. Representative samples are tested for their authenticity. Paddy is screened for its physical quality, milling quality and culinary properties in our in-house laboratory that is installed with mini milling equipments from renowned firms.


Processing is done exactly as per the protocols, and in the presence of the quality team. Employees are trained for GHP (Good Hygiene Practice). The processing chain is carefully monitored for potential hazards and is closely observed on a regular basis. The product is thoroughly monitored during the on-line processing for obtaining the quality that is required. The paddy is then subjected to hydrothermal treatment followed by a special drying, tempering and milling process.





tgr DIA RICE is fumigated with the desired dosage of fumigant for prescribed period to take care of pest infestation during storage. In paddy processing, the moisture content of the raw material and the finished product is brought to safe level.

Our product is packed in specially formulated pouches adopting the Modified Atmospheric Packing (MAP) technique, with a highly sophisticated packing machine. The product goes untouched by human hands into the pouch during packing. The product is then flushed with food grade nitrogen gas with a permissible concentration that extends the shelf life of the product.